The button jar is an old jam jar crammed with stories and can be seen at: 

Collaborators are invited to look at the buttons and stories and to contribute a story to be attached to a button. The site will evolve over time and this blog will be a place to share observations about the development of narratives in the button jar site and observations about the process. 

To read a story visit the site and select pick a button. This will take you to a page of buttons. Select a button and you will go to a story associated with that button.

To contribute to the site follow this process:
1. Go to the site and follow the pick a button link. Select a button and see if it is free by hovering over the button – it will either display a title and authors name -meaning the button already has a story or it will display a number, for example button 10, which means it is still available.
2. Make a note of the number of the button and email me a story (maximum 500 words) and the number of the button you would like it attached to.
3. If you would like to link your story to another authors, for example does your character meet their character, or does one event follow another, or are they merely set in the same place, then also tell me which story you want to be connected to and which word is the link from your page.

The more stories added the better.

On this blog I would like to know how readers find the stories and any interconnections that develop as a reading experience. Also from writers how they feel about the process.


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