Feedback from the workshop was encouraging – and raised some interesting points about the site and about the stories.

The concept itself was well received and the potential for links between the stories, literally and inexplicitly were appreciated, so readers might see connections that authors hadn’t intended but that have been made by their reading experience. The only connection I had intended between Jumble and Fumble was jumble sales, but readers connected the characters. It will be interesting to see what unintended connections arise when we have more content.

The button jar was a familiar thing to everyone and buttons as starting points, random stimulus, seemed to inspire people. The idea of random stimulus is something I would like to explore –

I have made some amendments. I have added a grey * to all of the buttons that have a story attached. Please let me know if that works – or if it is too subtle – it looks pretty. I have made the button on the story pages a link back to the page of buttons, although, I have left the pick a button too for now.

I do need and will provide a more accessible version – text only – and an index too when we have more content.

The stories have been edited too – now include things like punctuation! – Thanks for the edits.


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