Google maps

I have been working on a google map – It is a narrative that introduces a character by charting their arrival in LIverpool. The first attempt I received some interesting comments on – particularly about how readers had zoomed into the satelite images – obvious really – and how this recognition of spaces – the whole location based aspect had worked – and so I wanted to make more of this – also some felt that you get a photorealistic image and there is movement which makes the experience quite filmic and so we discussed the use of sound – I found an example of a map with sound – which is great and ideally how I would like to make my map – I really like the simplicity of it – – but this seems difficult to do – and I don’t want to get bogged down in the technology but concentrate on the story – and how to structure it across locations. So far I have used video clips called from youtube – which is simple and straightforward to do – although has drawbacks – I liked the idea of still images but didn’t want moving images – so mostly the video is a still image and sound – The images are not right – not really what I want to convey – or right in terms of location – Although I don’t want literal images from the locations – more to give texture and atmosphere. I recorded my own voice – which is ok – but I am seeking a young male voice which I think will sound better – so more work to do – but here it is so far –,-2.933816&spn=0.001648,0.004174&t=h&z=18&iwloc=00048f80587ac5e58764e


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