I have been reading a lot about reading habits – Interesting ideas from Kevin Kelly on his blog

About the notion that we are now more active when we read – and when we read on screen – follow links – look things up communicate with other people about what we are reading. He proposes that reading will become a more physical activity. There is much discussion that follows in the comments about ‘screening’ – reading on screen and whether readers take in as much information, whether the brain works in the same way reading from screen as from paper and what this means –

I suppose what interests me in all this though is the notion of the active participation in and the possible expansion of the act of reading facilitated by screen reading mediums – and whether these are enriching extensions or distractions from the central message / story /communication. But with reading available on screen devices will readers wander anyway? Are we now in the habit of reading around the subject, googling for ourselves and making our own extensions to the books we read?

I have yet to read a novel on the ipad – but hopefully will soon – and I am keen to see how my experience will differ and what extra content appeals. This Ideo video proposes a possible future for reading – bit glossy –

The Future of the Book. from IDEO on Vimeo.

Mike Wesch’s video about text on line – Explains very well the ways in which the database driven web (web 2) has altered the way we write and the way in which we collectively sift through content on line – The ideas about multiple authors – meaning created through tags – pathways through information collectively authored, is all very interesting.


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