Writing online

it is easy to just write and stick it up there and somehow because of its immediacy it can be thoughtless – a bit too unconsidered. When you blog for example there is no period of waiting and going back to redraft it -it is live straightaway. In a way this is good get things out and make space for other ideas – I do go back in though and edit later and sometimes use this blog to record a quick thought that I can return to later – I will for example return and re-write this – this does feel a bit like cheating? perhaps – At the moment I am confident that no-one is reading it and so it doesn’t matter I suppose if you have a following you need to be more considered – You can write a draft and save it rather than publish it – maybe I should do this.

Blogs and time

Another issue for me is time – especially writing as a fictional character (http://sylvia-menorca.blogspot.com/) – I have had gaps when I haven’t had time to write entries and have felt the need to explain them in the plot – I like this way of writing in that I have approached as an improvised – kind of random method – sitting down picking up the story and just writing – it’s quite liberating – and so far I am quite pleased with it. But it does mean that as a writer you are not in control of part of the structure – it is time based – time recorded if it is two weeks since your last entry it is two weeks – there it is – you can’t change it – you could if you needed / wanted to log on every day create an entry and then go back in and write at a more leisurely pace and consider each entry – but that would be time consuming.

The other issue is tine for the reader = The blog always starts in the present – so we in some ways it is like reading backwards – This is difficult with out careful plotting from a narrative point of view – I would like to try this one time – for now I am not considering this and just writing – As a reader I did find that it made the Twiller (http://twitter.com/#!/mrichtel)- impossible to read – I did scroll back to the beginning and read from there – but it was several pages- and annoying – Now it is bury deep in the blog and takes some scrolling to reach – I suppose one way is to make the navigation as easy as possible with the titles for each entry –

Writing for my site – I became very bogged down with the look of the site and also felt uncomfortable wiring about me – so sought refuge in the visual design – I couldn’t think who would read this – finally I thought about sending out details to get people to read my work – so the idea was to place me and my writing in context – my background – where I was from – literally in terms of geography – I used google maps – and in terms of my interests – my work – my family –

In terms of the way I use the web – I use social book marking as a way of organising my bookmarks / links and as a way of sharing them with others and finding recommendations – A good way to waste an extraordinary amount of time is to look up links in delicious – anyway – this is definitely a current web trend to use different depositories for your content and link them via a central hub – your site and this works well – so video content on vimeo, photos in a fllickr album – writing in a blog and link it all together –

Also I wanted the idea of streams of writing – flowing in parallel and the notion of dipping in one and another and the direction your thoughts and therefore writing is flowing – again placing me in context of what I read and look at.

It does however all get lost in a sea of stuff and how to drive traffic to the site is an issue – I found few sites that I liked and was more drawn towards artists / designers sites like – http://www.wemadethis.co.ukhttp://www.juliemyers.org.uk/flora.data/ – because the web is a visual medium.

I wanted the nostalgia of the old penguin books and the concept of travel – escapism going somewhere when we read – all fairly obvious stuff really – but I think this does fit with my writing –


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