Pepys Road

Just signed up yesterday to Pepys Rd at

Its a marketing devise for Capital, a novel by John Lanchester.

I like the premise – you sign up – it asks where and when you were born and where you live now. The idea is that by sending you a series of questions through email it will gather data about you and others and tell you about yourself and the decisions of the crowd over the next 10 years. Revealing from yours and everyone elses data what you tink about issues of our time and how that squares with what everyone else thinks. The first question when it came through wasn’t really a question. Two alternative statements were posed. Either would I be watching the Olympics this summer or I would avoid them – I was then taken to a web page – a story by the author – but it wasn’t really a story – more a statement about the Queens jubilee and the Olympics being representative of luck and chance and the hand we’re dealt at birth – For me this was strange to lump together the Olympics and the jubilee in this respect – As an experience it hasn’t whetted my appetite yet – I have no expectations of what might happen next – and no sense of any characters, or locations or plot.

Interesting idea, I really enjoyed getting the emails – but it didn’t draw me into anything, as I’de expected it would and finally it didn’t seem to amount to anything.


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